Mercury Processing Services International is a provider of payment solutions, dedicated to developing and managing its payment business on an international level. Company was established in 2009.

Located in Croatia and Slovenia, we serve clients from the financial and banking sectors across Central & Eastern Europe, Middle East and North Africa. Our portfolio is tailored to meet regional, local market or individual client requirements and business strategy.

Technological expertise is the main driver of enhancing and enriching our existing business relations, as well as the main source for innovations we provide in the payment industry.

The foundations of Mercury Processing Services International rely on complementary strengths of the two strongest cards businesses, Banka Koper and Privredna banka Zagreb, and their transition from local companies into a fully international organization.

undefinedZdenek Houser, Chief Executive Officer
Previous appointment: MasterCard, in charge of the sub region in Central and Eastern Europe, responsible for Strategic Operations and New Business Development.

undefinedTatjana Novak, Chief Business Officer
Previous appointment: Hypo Alpe-Adria-Bank International AG Klagenfurt, Group Retail, SME and Private Banking Division; Head of Group Department Products and Segments.

undefinedGiovanni Cetrangolo, Information Technology and Innovation Director
Previous appointment: Setefi S.p.A, Head of Special Solutions on projects and development of specialized solutions.

undefinedIrina Bručić, Chief Financial Officer
Previous appointment: PBZ Card, Executive Director of Finance Division.

undefinedAlberto Barroero, Corporate Support Director
Previous appointment: Telecom Italia, International Operations Division, in charge of Human Resources governance for European Subsidiaries.

undefinedIvana Devčić Lamza, Internal Audit Director
Previous appointment: Erste&Steiermärkische Bank dd, Deputy of Chief Audit Executive.

undefinedJasna Fumagalli, Compliance Director
Previous appointment: Privredna banka Zagreb, Executive Director in the Corporate Banking Group.

undefinedKrešimir Blauhorn, Services and Operations Director
Previous appointment: Intesa Sanpaolo Card, Croatia, Head of Service management department.


MERCURY PROCESSING SERVICES INTERNATIONAL limited liability company for card business

Radnička cesta 50, 10000 Zagreb, Republic of Croatia

Tel.: +385 1 645 60 41

Fax: +385 1 645 60 55

Registered at Zagreb Commercial Court, Reg. no. 080693976

ID Number: 2508095

PIN: 63558150971

VAT ID No.: HR63558150971

IBAN: HR86 2340009 1110384647

The share capital of the Company amounts to HRK 30,863,400.00, divided in three shares, all held by Latino Italy S.r.l.

Supervisory Board

President: Stuart James Ashley Gent
Vice president: Bernardo Mingrone

Members: Simone Cucchetti, Matthias Siekmann, Jeffrey David Paduch, Alexander John Bowman, Ivica Rukavina

Management Board

President: Zdenek Houser

Members: Tatjana Novak, Giovanni Cetrangolo, Irina Bručić, Alberto Barroero

MERCURY PROCESSING SERVICES INTERNATIONAL payment card processing and development Ltd.

Slovenčeva 24, 1000 Ljubljana, Republic of Slovenia

Pristaniška 14, 6502 Koper, Republic of Slovenia

Tel.: + 386 1 568 03 00

Fax: + 386 1 568 03 39

Registered at Ljubljana Commercial Court, Reg. no 1/24812/00

ID Number: 5809215000
Tax Number: SI13783998

IBAN: SI56101000043723812

The share capital amounts to EUR 5,618,761.00 in which is sole shareholder Mercury Processing Services International limited liability company for card business.

Management Board

President: Zdenek Houser

Members: Tatjana Novak, Giovanni Cetrangolo, Irina Bručić, Alberto Barroero