At Mercury Processing Services International, we are aware of how important is to be committed to pursuing long-term goals that benefit the society beyond the basic rules required by laws or driven by economic benefits.

Our approach is based on the self-responsibility on each level of our Company to pursue and defend the reputational value of socially responsible behavior.

We strive to act ethically and with sensitivity towards social, cultural, economic and environmental issues and have a positive impact and contribute to the communities in which we conduct our business.

When creating our initiatives, policies and practices, we aim to provide long-term values and benefits to all our stakeholders. We continue to meet our responsibility to the environment and society with our direct and indirect operational impacts. This is how we do it:

Paper management

Our Company collects used paper using a system of designated boxes provided exclusively for recycled paper. Such boxes are strategically located at various spots within our business premises. Such paper is collected by a contracted paper-collection firm at least once a month.

Bike sharing

Highly aware of the environmental benefits of cycling, Mercury Processing Services International made company bikes available to its employees, thus motivating them to cycle whenever they have to travel during working hours. The ongoing positive feedback from employees proves that our bike-sharing system contributes significantly to the creation of a strong bike culture among our employees.


We aim to make a positive social impact by supporting charitable initiatives and efforts of our employees.