Mercury Processing Services International at Mreža Smart Day 15


Mreža Smart Day 15Maja Vodopija, Head of Planning and Control at Mercury Processing Services International, will participate at the round table titled Smart systems in controlling, which is going to be held on April 5, 2017 at the event Mreža Smart Day 15 in Zagreb.

Smart Day is the name for a series of short and focused events that combine presentations and round tables with networking, covering topics that are of interest to the Croatian ICT, business, system integration and startup scene.

At the Smart systems in controlling round table the participants will talk about trends in the area of data analysis, and how can controlling – using trends like big data, predictive analysis and real-time data analysis – provide the needed advantage and business opportunities for the company. In the discussion of these topics, Maja Vodopija will be joined by Mladen Meter (Poslovna učinkovitost), Anja Kurobasa (Atlantic Grupa) and Elvedina Kežman (JGL).