Constant growth of internet payment transactions makes secure e-commerce solutions as a prerequisite for a successful business over the internet. E-commerce platform enables merchants who have an internet outlet (web shop) to perform selling of products and services via secure Internet environment. In parallel e-commerce platform present safe way for cardholders to use payment cards in real time. 

The e-commerce platform is based on 3D secure technology respecting the highest standards set by MasterCard and VISA. In 3D secure environment cardholder need to perform additional identification by using token or one-time password which confirms that cardholder really use card to make payment.

In these way e-commerce platform provides additional protection for the cardholder but also protection for the merchant.

Supported functionalities:

  • Multi brand acceptance – support for a wide range of card brands (MasterCard, Maestro, VISA, American Express, Diners)
  • Multi language – multi language support
  • Supported e-commerce payment/collection types – Purchasing, Reversal, Pre-authorization/completion, Installments, Recurring transactions, Refund
  • Multi-currency support - ability to define acceptance of multiple currencies for the merchants
  • Administration interface used by the merchants - easy and simple administration interface to administer the orders and transactions (do completions, refunds, reversals, manual transactions)
  • Flexible risk rules management - Enables business users to easily customize and modify fraud detection strategies and work processes
  • Merchant integration – Enables flexible integration with merchant internet outlet (web shop)

Benefits for the Banks

  • Retaining and increasing customer base by:
    • increasing the quality of services to the merchants and cardholders by opening the Internet as a secure shopping channel,
    • strengthening the relationship with the existing cardholders willing to expand their business to e-commerce card acquiring,
    • expansion to new merchant industry segments (e.g. HOREKA and renting agencies).
  • Increasing card acquiring merchant acquisitions, margins and total revenues.
  • Enabling acquirers to manage thousands of online merchants and their associated virtual POS.
  • Improving the image of the bank as innovative and technologically advanced on the market.

Benefits for the Merchants

In general, being online makes a business convenient, accessible, affordable and better equipped to help its customers.

Major benefits for merchants entering e-commerce are:

  • Enables the merchant to remain open 24 hours a day.
  • Enables the merchant to lower costs through:
    • advertising and marketing,
    • personnel - automation of checkout, billing, payments, inventory management, and other operational processes, lowers the number of employees required,
    • real estate - an e-commerce merchant does not need a prominent physical location or inventory management.
  • Shows the merchant how to improve business and create targeted communication by using the information that a cardholder provides in the registration form, and by placing cookies on the cardholder’s computer.
  • Enables the merchant to create markets for niche products.
  • With the right search engine optimization, merchants can continue to reach more and more cardholders every month and the ease of advertising does not end with search engines.