POS Solutions

Mercury Processing Services International offers complete and flexible POS services - from POS terminal selection and leasing (procurement services) and transaction processing, to software development and integration, service customization and training.


  • security resulting from the selection of PCI DSS and EMV compliant POS terminals
  • reliability resulting from our experience with POS development solutions

Our reliable 24/7 acquiring services allow you to service cards from all major payment schemes (American Express, MasterCard, Maestro, Visa, Visa Electron, Diners) in addition to third-party cards, including prepaid, loyalty and fuel services.

Mercury Processing Services International supports all kinds of POS terminals, from entry-level to modern multifunctional POS terminals.

Our POS solution experts will identify the equipment most suitable for your business, along with the range of functions it offers. You will be offered the most appropriate POS solution, whether supplied by a certified vendor or internally developed in-house according to your demands. An interface to merchant cash register systems can also be provided.

In addition to standard POS functions, such as:

  • purchase
  • purchase with tip
  • purchase reversal
  • cash advance
  • refund
  • preauthorization with completion
  • MO/TO

POS terminals processed by Mercury Processing Services International also enable:

  • installment payments
  • multicurrency acceptance
  • MultiTID processing

Authorization and Transaction Processing and Routing

Our authorization system also provides support for “not-on-us” authorization requests and transactions, specifically:

  • adequate routing of all transactions to international card schemes - American Express, MasterCard, Visa, Diners, JCB, Discover, private labels, national schemes
  • clearing and reconciliation services performed in a secure and reliable manner.

All data is handled and archived in accordance with strict security guidelines.

POS Terminal Management

In order to conduct a reliable POS network support and up-to-date acquiring business, a variety of services - from POS terminal configuration management and key management for PIN secure communication to network management - are necessary. All these services are offered to clients who are able to benefit from our international experience and extensive knowledge in POS management, providing multi-functional and flexible systems for merchant POS networks.

We operate on robust yet flexible platforms enabling:

  • multi-vendor support
  • support of various communication types (IP, Lease Line IP, Dial-UP/GSM)
  • support of various authorization protocols
  • customized solutions for nonfinancial institutions
  • integration with merchant cash register systems
  • unattended POS terminals for kiosks and vending machines
  • multicurrency transactions
  • inter-institutional POS sharing
  • PIN pads and integrated card readers
  • contactless transactions (including the HCE solution)

Several system and transaction security features are provided:

  • key generation and production
  • data encryption
  • message authentication system
  • SSL encryption and dual authentication 
  • fraud detection system integration
  • dynamic stop-list management

Partners can use this knowledge and expertise to accelerate the certification of new POS types and development of new POS functionalities, thus reducing time to market for new acquiring products.

Merchant Management

A superior merchant management system is required to achieve operating excellence in merchant management and beat the competition. In addition to superior processing services, Mercury Processing Services International will provide you with reliable customer support.


  • reducing administrative efforts
  • providing flexible solutions for merchants
  • enhancing merchant satisfaction

Our systems support our partners’ business processes, enabling modern and flexible acquiring business management, both conventional and e-commerce-based. The systems offer a variety of functionalities, such as:

  • data management and account management for merchants
  • flexible commission models, supporting calculation of commission based on transaction type (different for credit, debit or brand types, on-us or off-us transactions)
  • POS setup and merchant payments according to different business rules (with delays, each transaction or after accumulation of transactions)
  • advisement with respect to secure card acceptance

Merchant statements can be generated and distributed in different ways:

  • hardcopy
  • e-mail
  • web services

Open balances for particular merchants can also be calculated, accessed and checked easily.

Online transaction support and free online CRM solutions are also available, providing a review of business data and POS trade information for American Express, MasterCard, Maestro and Visa cards.