Cardholder and Card Management

Managing cardholder data in accordance with the applicable personal data protection regulations and security standards is a necessary to maximize customer profitability.


  • customer satisfaction enhancement
  • customer segmentation and fine-tuned targeting
  • providing up-selling and cross-selling opportunities
  • reliable data protection
  • cost savings

Mercury Processing Services International platforms provide various ways to obtain, maintain and manage different types of cardholder data, which is a prerequisite in the modern everyday card business, for more than 7 million accounts. We enable the collection of various cardholder or cardholder applicant data, as well as searching, reviewing and changing such data easily and efficiently, in order to fulfill different customer care or other business needs, such as:

  • card application management
  • searching and segmenting customers according to different criteria
  • managing cardholder correspondence 
  • call center functionalities
  • card personalization
  • automatic card renewals, card mailing and distribution
  • letter generation
  • transaction statements and billing
  • PIN issuance
  • cardholder credit history
  • card lifecycle management

Card Personalization and Distribution

Our Personalization Bureau covers everything from data preparation, card embossing, chip personalization using a personalized card carrier, and filling fliers for secure distribution of cards and PINs and for the card renewal process set up according to partners’ specifications.


  • reduced risk through increased security
  • reduced cost due to turnkey solutions provided
  • quality and reliability
  • large volume handling capacity
  • innovative marketing opportunities

Using Datacard machines equipped for providing various services, we are able to offer you any kind of personalization that you may require:

  • laser engraving
  • emboss and indent printing
  • monochrome thermal transfer
  • retransfer printing technology

From standard magnetic stripe personalization all the way to contactless personalization - we can do it all:

  • magnetic stripe personalization
  • chip personalization
  • chip personalization based on the emv standard is commonly used for payment cards

Keeping pace with industry trends, we offer chip personalization for multiple card forms:

  • standard chip cards (contact only)
  • dual interface cards (contact and contactless)
  • contactless only cards
  • stickers

Additional services are also available, such as:

  • plastic and stock management (e.g. marketing materials that need to be distributed with the cards)
  • security key management
  • emergency card production
  • enveloping, packing and distribution
  • application of full-colour customized images to card plastic, using a complete web interface for card personalization

Cardholder Billing and Statement Generation

To ensure and improve cardholder repayments, accurate and timely billing information is required. Our parameter-driven tools provide a comprehensive service of all billing calculation and preparation services for billing cardholders according to partner’s accounting policies and preferences.


  • full security of the process according to PCI DSS
  • flexibility in billing options in order to support partner’s accounting policies and preferences
  • immediate availability of funds paid to cardholder’s account

Billing calculation may include a variety of MRA and interest calculations, various authorization parameters set up, and different payment settlement orders.

We support sharing of all relevant data needed for partner’s general ledger and data warehouse systems on a daily and/or periodical basis, in accordance with partners’ needs.

Secure Data Printing

Mercury Processing Services International provides sophisticated solutions for PIN generation and PIN printing and packing for different kinds of payment cards (American Express, MasterCard, Visa, proprietary). PIN distribution may also be offered to clients not having internal distribution capacities.


  • increased security
  • quality and reliability
  • large volume-handling capacity

A secure data handling system by Otto Kunnecke combines approved technology providing the highest security of your print letter:

  • Printing is performed on thermoseal® paper necessary for the sealing process
  • Using a standard laser printer for unsecure elements allows creating a custom design letter based on customers’ requirements
  • An additional ink-jet printer, optically and physically protected, is used for printing secure elements providing the highest level of security (operators are unable to see or touch printed secure data)
  • After printing, the secure element can be covered by a security label preventing any unauthorized access
  • The security letter is then completely sealed thermally on all sides
  • The whole process is performed in a nontransparent environment
  • Special sensors and verification modules monitor print quality, label position and correct sealing process
  • A dual access policy is enforced in the whole production process.

Secure data can be either generated in our facility or received from customers.

Secure data can be either generated in our facility or received from customers. The final product is a sealed envelope with data printed according to customers’ needs. Delivery can be arranged through a post office, courier or by personal collection from our personalization center.

The whole process of secure data printing is tracked using integrated software providing the highest security standards and taking care of your stock management.