Proximity Payments

Following market trends and results of industry research, we can enable you to provide solutions to satisfy the increasing needs of your customers. They are ready for a new payment experience and we are ready to make it possible.

A proximity payment using a sticker as a nontraditional payment form provides a learning curve to more advanced types of contactless payment for end customers.

Sticker Product for Customers without a Smartphone

Stickers enhance proximity payment experience and are recognized as a bridging solution to full NFC mobile payments, but can also be an adequate alternative solution for customers not having a smartphone. The solution is suitable for debit, charge, credit and prepaid products (MasterCard and Visa cards only). The new generation of stickers enables better brand visibility thanks to the optimized size and has an embedded chip along with an antenna.

Moreover, the sticker has an adhesive layer which enables easy integration in/attachment to a phone. The reading distance is slightly reduced compared to the contactless card.
The sticker may be perceived as a tool for change as it is attached to the phone – it is always in the pocket. It drives contactless awareness by boosting the action rate and paves the way to NFC mobile payments.

It is designed for LVP* (easy and fast contactless POS purchases - tap and go) and serves as an alternative to cash. Of course, high value payments are also possible with PIN authentication.


  • Simple: enhances the proximity payment experience
  • Convenient: attach to the phone (using an adhesive layer) and use as an alternative to cash (Stick it to your phone. Pay with it.).
  • Fast checkout for Low Value Payments (Just tap and go)
  • Builds awareness: paving the way to a more advanced proximity payment solutions like NFC
  • Speeds up the adoption: always in the pocket when attached to a phone

Sticker Connected to a Mobile Application for Customers Using a Smartphone

In addition to stickers, we can provide an accompanying mobile application connected to the sticker for customers using a smartphone. It ensures a more advanced proximity payment experience for the customer and enables the full potential of the product.


Enhanced proximity payment experience that enables full control of the sticker payment functionality, while the level of security remains the same as for standard plastic card

  • Usability: supported by all major mobile operating systems
  • Security: enabling and disabling payment functionality
  • Comfort: providing a detailed transaction history overview, available balance and daily limit counters
  • Convenience: always in the pocket if attached to a phone

*all the benefits as with the sticker, plus added value

Major Features

  • Supports all major operating systems (iOS, Android and Windows Mobile)
  • The mobile application language customized to the local market
  • Full control of sticker payment functionality - the customer may enable and disable the payment functionality via the mobile application
  • Provides a transaction overview
  • Provides information on the available balance as well as the maximum and available daily limits including the amounts and number of transactions

NFC mobile payments

We can provide you with the most advanced mobile payment options through our in-house developed mobile wallet. The solution is based on HCE technology which enables the virtualization of payment cards and provides exact virtual representation of the same based only on software, leveraging on cryptographic processes traditionally used by hardware-based secure elements without the need for a physical secure element.

With its state of the art mobile wallet enabled for NFC payments, Mercury Processing Services International is at the forefront of emerging trends in the payment industry, being the first in the world to enable HCE based payments for American Express and one of the first in Europe with Visa.


Payments of the future – quick and easy – for both low and high value payments

  • Usability: supported by Android operating system 4.4 and above
  • Security: all transactions are authorized by mPIN
  • Comfort: providing a detailed transaction history overview with geo-location, available balance and daily limit counters
  • Convenience: with the mobile phone always nearby, payments can be done within seconds

Major Features

  • Supported on Android operating system 4.4 and above on NFC enabled smartphones
  • For enhanced security application cannot be run on rooted phones
  • Mobile application language customized to the local market
  • Shuffled keyboard for additional security
  • Enables the display and acceptance of product/service Terms and conditions of usage