Fraud Detection

Controlling payment card fraud is becoming and remains one of the single biggest challenges and opportunities in the payment card industries.

In order to provide a superior fraud management service, Mercury Processing Services International delivers its Fraud Management System for detecting payment card fraud. By using detection rules, it delivers value to issuers, acquirers and processors for all product types - credit, debit, prepaid or gift cards.


  • reducing fraud losses by detecting fraud earlier, with fewer false positives
  • improving operational efficiency through value-added functionalities
  • minimizing cardholder impact on operating costs
  • decreasing chargeback expenses
  • stopping ‘flash frauds’ on the spot
  • reducing charge-offs

Fraud Management System Components

Rule Management Application

Fraud rule management application empowers fraud experts to create, maintain and control fraud strategies quickly, easily and cost-effectively, to drive smarter fraud strategies and to make faster and more consistent decisions.

The rule management application allows establishing rules based on which transactions are referred to case management review by taking advantage of the well-known Drools environment. It enables a quick response to attack flash fraud threats and implement different risk parameters based on corporate policies and guidelines, external regulations or analysis of historical or large data.


  • ability to implement limitless rules
  • rule repository functionality to store rules and manage rule changes
  • clients can establish various strategies at the customer and merchant channel levels

Case Manager Application

The Case Manager is a web-based application providing comprehensive information to enable fraud analysts to prioritize all cases in multiple queues according to specified user-defined rules and review and decide cases. It is tailored to help meet the most complex operational requirements.


  • the most intuitive case manager with all necessary information for disposition cases
  • a customizable environment supporting a certain level of adjustment to meet the user needs
  • the case manager provides all necessary tools for fraud analysts in order to conduct case investigation

Value-Added Features

The Fraud Management System is built to boost analyst efficiency and effectiveness by using added functionality embedded within the system that will keep the focus and save the time wasted logging in to satellite applications.

Cardholder Profile Information

Identifying cardholder spending patterns in the process of investigation has never been easier and more time-saving thanks to the cardholder profile functionality. By pressing the profile button, analysts obtain the cardholder profile screen summary information based on historical authorization request data associated with the card account. The information is designed to assist the investigation of transactions by indicating what is/is not normal for that card account.

Integrated Transaction Viewer

The case manager application provides the transaction viewer functionality for searching transactions with data for over 6 months kept in a dedicated system database. The transaction viewer allows analysts to locate transaction data by entering from one to twenty sets of search criteria. After the undertaking search actions, transactions are easily printed or exported to different formats.

Extensive Reporting Suite

An extensive reporting capability offers a user-friendly environment to provide a variety of comprehensive standard reports on the performance of the system, the overall operations and analyst productivity. Analysts will be able to export data for use in other reporting or data management tools. Client’s customized reports may be supported by a previous detailed assessment.

Multi-Dimensional Approach to Acquiring Risk

A flawless acquiring module is based on four different components covering every possible aspect of risk that may arise from the merchant acquiring business. The organization may decide to keep track of the merchant activity based on pos_id, merchant_id, foreign card or even statistical parameters or overall. The acquiring module completely supports payment schemes, mandatory rules for acquirers and, moreover, allows monitoring the chargeback to sales ratio and other risk parameters.