Mercury Processing Services International offers easy-to-use financial reporting tools, including both paper and electronic statements and web-based features, which allow you to access data that is current, comprehensive, easily shared and available whenever you need it.

Mandatory Reporting

We provide our customers with reports required by all major card schemes, such as:

  • monthly American Express GNS report
  • quarterly MasterCard reports
  • quarterly Visa Europe and Visa International reports.

The level of details presented in the reports depends on the level of processing services provided to a particular customer.

Reports for local financial authorities (central banks, financial agencies) can also be provided at customer's request.

Customized Reporting

We are regularly producing a set of standardized card business reports enabling their users to analyze and anticipate trends in their card business. The reports are based on basic card business data within a given period of time, such as:

  • the number of cards and accounts
  • the number of POS and ATM
  • the number of issuing/acquiring transactions
  • the volume of issuing/acquiring transactions
  • the structure of issuing/acquiring volumes and transactions according to various criteria (for example, geography-based, functionality-based, channel-based, etc.)
  • metrics (average spend per card, account, transaction, on-us ratio, cash-retail ratio, etc.)

To maximize the usability of these reports, Mercury Processing Services International must act as a sole and all-inclusive processing provider.

Furthermore, relying on BI tools, we are also able to support you with customized reporting, up to the level of detail deriving from processed data.