Strong Authentication

Our security solution is based on a portfolio of tokens, software solutions and backend servers so that remote and mobile users can securely access critical information while maintaining compliance. The offered authentication solutions include strong multi-factor authentication, streamlined deployment and management. It reduces operational efforts and costs associated with traditional and legacy solutions. Our services respond to data loss prevention, compliance to security directives and the growing demand for electronic signature in an online world. We are able to provide various authentication methods and options, each presenting its own specific advantages.

EMV CAP/DPA - supported authentication methods:

  • User Identification
  • Challenge/ Response Transaction Signature
  • Transaction Data Signature

Software/ Mobile Token - supported authentication methods:

  • HOTP
  • TOTP
  • OCRA
  • Push Token

OTP over SMS - supported mobile platforms:

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Windows Phone


  • ensuring customer confidence
  • easy-to-use customer solutions
  • providing regulatory compliant solutions
  • avoiding loss of customer financial and personal data
  • reducing operating costs (complaints, chargebacks)
  • providing value-added services