About Us


We are an international company in every sense of the word.

International character is reflected in our customers, staff and locations, while we make every effort to provide our clients with services and solutions that fit their specific needs, local particularities, cultural differences and regional complexities.

Established in 2009

Maintaining high level of service is a top priority for us. The customers expect 100% availability and we endeavor to meet such expectations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our growing team includes more than 300 professionals, whose combined knowledge, creativity and enthusiasm aid in delivering quality service and value to our clients.

Being at the forefront of emerging trends in the payment industry, we developed and launched a Mobile Wallet solution, based on HCE technology, that enables cloud based mobile proximity payments and opens endless possibilities of introducing new and innovative value-added services to end customers.

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We are committed to our clients and their customers

Because our business depends on the accuracy and security with which we perform our operations, we aim for excellence in everything we undertake.

But our job is more than just running payments, but being adaptable and anticipating the needs of our clients, and developing new services to meet those needs and our clients' specific institutional context.

And take great pride in the quality of our work

In today’s world, everything has to be quick and easy to use, and it’s the same with payments. As all else in the life of consumers, paying for goods or a service needs to be a simple, quick and secure experience.

That's why our aim is to ensure that payment process adapts seamlessly to the lives of the customers, and not the other way around.

Together with the people who make it happen

A vital part of our every success is our team and their expertize, so it’s imperative we keep an open environment where all of us can exchange ideas and knowledge.

Equally important, where our employees have the freedom and support to grow as individuals, team members and team leaders.

Our key pillars

These fundamental principles are integral to our work and they underlie everything we do.

  • Security & Compliance
  • Innovation
  • International Spirit
  • Operational Excellence

Security & Compliance

We focus on trust and compliance
  • In-house development of Fraud Management solution for detecting payment card fraud

  • Acting as compliant guardian for banks

  • Creating the most innovative and modern disaster recovery solution


We stay ahead of trends and provide innovative solutions
  • Development of proximity payment solutions

  • Implementation of new technologies and introduction of modern services and functionalities

  • Providing multi-payment schemes

International Spirit

We adapt according to different markets
  • Meeting regional, local market or individual client requirements and business strategy

  • All employees are fluent in English

  • The company is located in Croatia and Slovenia

Operational Excellence

We bring efficiency and productivity
  • Assuring high availability of service and operational performance

  • Implementations of improvement methodologies to advance our products and services


Zdenek Houser

Chief Executive Officer

Irina Bručić

Chief Financial Officer

Jasna Fumagalli

Head of Compliance, Risk and Security

Ivana Devčić Lamza

Head of Internal Audit

Krešimir Blauhorn

Head of Customer Operations

David Thomas Llewelyn

Head of IT Operations

Since the very beginning I've been thrilled and fascinated by the dedication, passion, professionalism and human qualities of our team. It is a real pleasure and privilege for me to work every day side by side with our people.

Creating an international company back in 2009, and taking it to the next level eight years later require a lot of dedication, drive and daring. This is why what we have and continue to accomplish is even more thrilling.

The most startling experience of our job is seeing how technology interconnects and challenges regulation posture. Each day is different and more demanding than the previous one, but the outcome is evermore rewarding.

In our Company there is a high awareness about importance of quality so, even though continuous improvement is a demanding task, everyone perceives it as a necessity and big opportunity on our way towards quality excellence.

Being available and providing quality service at all times on eleven different markets is quite a challenge. But our love of challenges is what drives us every day to rise to them and give our best.“

Our Company is at a very important stage in its evolution with significant growth opportunities, innovative projects and challenging clients making for an exciting journey over the coming months, and it is a pleasure to be part of this team.

Facts in figures

Operating in 01

11 different markets

in Europe, Middle East and Africa
Processing 02

87 transactions

per second in peak times
With more than 03

300 employees

in our ever growing team
Managing cardholder data for 04

5,6 million accounts

Average processing 05

1,5 million transactions

a day


Intesa Sanpaolo Group

Sistem Activa

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Mercury Processing Services International

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    Radnička cesta 50, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia

  • Phone

    +385 1 645 60 41

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  • Address

    Slovenčeva ulica 24, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

  • Phone

    +386 1 568 03 25

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  • Address

    Pristaniška 14, 6502 Koper, Slovenia

  • Phone

    +386 5 668 2726

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