Our employees' opinions and positions on emerging technologies and current topics in the payments industry.

Data Privacy and Customer Protection are the New Black

The year 2018 is set to be a seminal year for EU data security and finances, all thanks to two acronyms: GDPR and PSD2.

Mobile Payments in 2017 and Security Concerns

Fraud in the world of payments is dynamic and fast-moving, and this is especially true in the mobile channel. 40 percent of merchants have faced fraud via that channel, which is twice as much than in the previous year.

Omnichannel Payments and Omnichannel Fraud

An omnichannel approach to commerce seeks to make transitions from one channel to the next seamlessly, providing the customers with a friction-free experience from search to receipt.

New security for the new payments era

The ever evolving digital technology brought many new opportunities and efficiencies into the payment industry, but it has also brought a lot of risk.

Travel and Holidays Tips for Mobile Banking Users

Shopping during the holidays always comes with a pinch of worry and a lot of questions: what do to with the money, how to carry a lot of cash around, how to use a credit card more securely?

Learn How to Protect Yourself from Fraud

Millions of people fall victim to fraud every year, especially the elderly. Financial fraud is tricky to discover and track. Bear in mind that the best defense against all kinds of fraud is knowledge.

Fraud in the Payment Industry

Fraud attacks targeting financial institutions are at an all-time high. Total global payment-card fraud losses amounted to $14 billion in 2013, up 19% from the prior year, with the United States accounting for 51% of it.

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