Our employees' opinions and positions on emerging technologies and current topics in the payments industry.

Omnichannel Payments and Omnichannel Fraud

An omnichannel approach to commerce seeks to make transitions from one channel to the next seamlessly, providing the customers with a friction-free experience from search to receipt.

Bitcoin and Blockchain: The Internet of Value

Everybody has at least heard of Bitcoin and can grasp the idea, but most people still don't know what blockchain exactly is. Simply put, blockchain is a public distributed ledger of all Bitcoin transactions that have ever been executed.

Biometrics: Security on Our Fingers

Clearly, we are living in the age of constant digital threats and, therefore, financial institutions must continually work to improve their security systems by searching and implementing innovative technological solutions. One of these is certainly biometrics.

Mobile Wallets: On the Brink of Revolution

More and more customers want one device "to rule them all" – one that will allow them to carry out as many tasks as possible. And since mobile wallets enable them ease of access and use of money, it is certain that demand for this service will continue to grow in years to come.

P2P Payments: Best of Both Worlds

It was only a matter of time before social networks and messaging systems became a place where, in addition to pictures, videos and text messages, money would be sent and received. 

Wearable Devices: A Force to Be Reckoned With

For wearable devices like smart watches, the key application on the road to general acceptance is development of convenient forms of payments.

Gone to the Future: Going Invisible

It is already clear that payments are in the midst of an unprecedented transformation. Both consumers and retailers are demanding processes that allow quicker and easier payment for goods and services.

Loyalty: The Changing Landscape

Market conditions have changed significantly since the onset of the traditional loyalty programs in 1990’s and have been changing even more in the recent years.

New security for the new payments era

The ever evolving digital technology brought many new opportunities and efficiencies into the payment industry, but it has also brought a lot of risk.

Europeans Endorsing Contactless Payment Experience

There is no doubt the future belongs to contactless payments. Tap transactions already have a very healthy growth in Europe.

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