We believe only knowledge and an inventive outlook can create leading-edge solutions.

Our foundation is strong expertise based on creativity and innovation with deep business and industry insights. And we work to further improve it every day.

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    We nourish a supporting work environment.

    • Work from home program
    • Flexible working hours
    • Carpooling
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    Care about the wellbeing of our team.

    • Intense sport programs
    • Regular health examinations
    • Organized get-togethers
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    Realize small things can make a big difference.

    • Company library
    • Charity actions
    • Friday morning pancakes

Day 1

Kata Banožić

Day 5

Josip Šulj

Day 11

Boris Senker

Day 16

Antun Nemanić

Day 37

Ivan Drobilo

Day 87

Vjekoslav Žnidaršić

Day 117

Marko Cvrtila

Day 143

Aleksandra Pančur

Day 259

Ante Grbić

Day 349

Jernej Rožac

My first day was also the day the office decided to apply for the Istrian marathon. This turned out to be one of my favorite moments in the company. We had training tables to motivate each other and the most beautiful part was crowd cheering at the finish line.

When they told me how one colleague makes pancakes every Friday morning I thought they were joking. But they were not, that really happens. So everybody here doesn’t look forward to Friday because it is the last day of a working week, but because of the pancakes.

I came here from an entirely different industry and it was the Orientation day that acquainted me with the full scope of services my new company has to offer, while also giving me the opportunity to remember the faces of everybody who I'll be working with.

I remember the first time entering the system hall. All the technology that we were only learning about at my University was right there. High-end cutting-edge network and server equipment was in front my eyes and the noise in the system hall was just mesmerizing.

It was during Orientation day that I realized the full complexity of the card processing system. As a customer I was not aware of the level of cooperation, the number of people and various technologies required for the system to function.

Being a part of a key project just a short time after I starting working here is a big deal for me. I was given an opportunity to work on the development of a credit card issuing application and within one year I'll be able to witness the deployment of the project.

My most memorable moment was being a part of the team that was minimizing the risk after a global scale data breach on a specific merchant.
This task was a joint effort by our team and client banks, and it really made me see that teamwork is our best asset.

I was surprised at how strong the teamwork is. If there is a problem you don’t know the solution to, there is always somebody who will help you or point you to a person who knows the answer. It’s a really great feeling knowing you can always rely on your coworkers.

I was fortunate to learn about all the different aspects that go around software development and experience them firsthand. Many lines of code later, we finished migrating CIB POS from the old to the new platform, which gave me that great feeling of accomplishment.

When I got here, I had a strong technical background but no business knowledge. However, I quickly started to take part in complex projects. Most recently, I have been involved in one related to issuing and acquiring of virtual payment cards.

What to expect

We understand a new workplace is a big change, so here’s what your first few days would look like.


You'll receive corporate materials which you can read up on in our library.


On Orientation Day you'll get to meet all the great people you'll be working with.


Friday? Oh, you mean Friyay because you get to wake up and smell the pancakes.

How to join us

Applying is, of course, the first step of any selection process, and at Mercury Processing Services International, you can do it two ways.

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    Apply to an open job position

    Take a look at the currently open job position and apply to the one that best fits your experience, skills and interests.

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    Send a spontaneous application

    It will earn you a position in our database and most probably a preliminary interview to see if there's common ground to move forward.

The selection process

The process quickly adapts both to your needs and particularities of a specific job position, but still, there are a few steps you can expect.

Psychological test

It gets us acquainted with your personality and will be held in your native language.

Competency test

This test helps us get an idea of your expertise and will be held in English.


An opportunity to get to know with your future manager and exchange expectations.

Our people

Our team is truly international and diverse in mindset and approach.
Adaptive and flexible in learning from customers’ requirements.
Creative and agile in methodology and spirit.

Join our team

If there aren’t open positions you’re interested in, you can still send us your CV. We’ll keep you in mind when a new spot opens that fits your qualifications.

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