Company Information


Mercury Processing Services International limited liability company for card business

Radnička cesta 50, 10000 Zagreb, Republic of Croatia
Tel.: +385 1 645 60 41
Fax: +385 1 645 60 55

Registered at Zagreb Commercial Court, Reg. no. 080693976
ID Number: 2508095
PIN: 63558150971
VAT ID No.: HR63558150971
IBAN: HR86 2340009 1110384647

The share capital of the Company amounts to HRK 30,863,400.00, divided in three shares, all held by Eagle Eschborn GmbH.

Management Board
President: Zdenek Houser
Members: Irina Bručić, Giovanni Cetrangolo, David Llewelyn

Supervisory Board
President: Robert Hoffmann
Vice president: Matthias Siekmann
Members: Stuart James Ashley Gent, Catherine Sherwin, Ivica Rukavina



Mercury Processing Services International payment card processing and development Ltd.

Slovenčeva ulica 24, 1000 Ljubljana, Republic of Slovenia
Pristaniška 14, 6502 Koper, Republic of Slovenia
Tel.: + 386 1 568 03 00
Fax: + 386 1 568 03 39

Registered at Ljubljana District Court, Reg. no 12481200
ID Number: 5809215000
Tax Number: SI13783998
IBAN: SI56101000043723812

The share capital amounts to EUR 5,618,761.00 in which is sole shareholder Mercury Processing Services International limited liability company for card business.

The Management
General Director: Zdenek Houser
Directors: Irina Bručić, Giovanni Cetrangolo

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