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13th InPayments researches what do SME merchants really want from payments

What is the new InPayments issue bringing you? Keep being in the loop with all the latest banking and payments news! If you’re a small or medium business, find out how to satisfy all your payments needs. In the Industry news section, find out all about the latest news with the new Apple card, as well as all the turbulence American Express caused in Europe and the Company news brings you our latest events and developments.

Small and Medium Businesses – What do SMEs want from payments

The whole payment industry is shifting its focus to the small and medium businesses to take their share. The new SMEs, however, are not like they used to be. Their needs and standards have also changed and what they need in the 21st century is a way for boosting their business and getting the most out of the new innovative technology.

This and more has also been discussed in an interview with Anja Traum, Member of the Board CPG Sales GmbH, where we have found out more about the state of German SME market, which you can find out in the article What do SME merchants really want from payments.

In the Feature theme, you can also read about the aspect of onboarding, security, and mobility from the perspective of small and medium businesses.

Company news

The Company news brings our newest events and developments. One of them is our mToken solution, a customizable solution for simple authentication which goes great with the new 3D Secure protocol. We are also working on the upcoming Tetra based EFT POS payment application where we also talk about The Future of the Mobile Point of Sales in the new episode of InPayments Podcast and talk with Siniša Cavrić, our Senior Business Consultant, about his opinion on this.

We have also participated in number of events, out of which we cover our great participation at the Technobank conference, where Ivan Kerep, our Product Expert, talks about it and his own experience

Being a part of the Nets Group, we also bring the joint novelties and events in the 30 seconds Group news.

Industry news

The segment covers the latest phenomena from the payments industry looking to change the whole ecosystem. Apple stepping into payment cards game will certainly have a big effect, so we have covered everything you need to know about it.

Blockchain is a big phenomenon on its own but systems developed to fight Anti Money Laundering and cross-border payments are already showing its effect on the payments ecosystem – the story we also bring you in this section.

The decision of American Express to change its business concept in Europe was also a great deal for everyone involved in the industry, but especially Croatia where the brand had a strong impact. Our Andrea Solar, Key Account Manager, and Anita Marceković, Project Manager, used the opportunity to remember the Amex times and write about them in the article.
These are some of the American Express’ timeline highlights in Croatia:

As always, we are making this issue too enjoyable to read so during this summer take your time and read all that we’ve prepared for you:

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