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2018 All Employee Meeting

2018 was full of challenges and changes, so the end of the year brought our annual All Employee Meeting that gathered everyone to talk about the ongoing year and the future.

Held in Zagreb on 20th December, our employees from Koper and Ljubljana joined the meeting via video live streaming.

Reorganization and transformation were the two crucial notions for the company. Therefore, Zdenek Houser, our CEO, was the first to speak on this topic.

After Zdenek Houser, other key managers spoke about business plans, updates, and financial results.

However, in such a challenging period, we had many successes. Just one of them was launching Google Pay in Croatia, a momentous achievement not just for our company but the whole country.

This was also the year of expanding our business and hiring new employees that help us strengthen the underlying structure of the company. Our strength lies in people and empowering them which was visible in the past year as we successfully finished all our project as a team. In line with this, the best projects and top contributors in 2018 were announced and awarded for the hard work during the year.

In the end, Zdenek Houser spoke about the future of the company and projects to come. He concluded that our company has a bright future and is ready to embrace it.

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