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26th anniversary of Sistem Activa

July 15th marked the 26th anniversary of the Sistem Activa that brought together over 35 participants who gathered in Vipolže town at the Goriška brda in Slovenia.

Apart from Sistem Activa banks members Deželna banka Slovenije, Gorenjska banka, Lon, Sberbank, Banka Intesa Sanpaolo, Primorska hranilnica Vipava colleagues from our company were also a part of the celebration.

In addition to the anniversary celebration, it was marked the 57th Session of the Technology Group and 122nd Session of the Coordination committee by having separated meetings.

As a part of activities to mark the anniversary, besides the official business part, participants visited Simčić winery, where apart from having delicious wines, there is special wine bank making it one of the most famous wineries in Slovenia.

We congratulate Sistem Activa on their anniversary and look forward to many more.

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