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5th anniversary of our InPayments magazine

We bring you the 14th issue of InPayments which holds a special place in our hearts because we are launching it on our company’s 10th birthday.

How it all started

And it was 5 years ago that we have created this magazine in print version to share the knowledge of our employees on various payment topics with our clients who were sent this quarterly magazine to their offices. So, 5 years ago we became the only payment processing company with its own magazine. And as appraisals came from clients left and right, we decided it was time to go bigger and more digital with the time. In October 2017, with the 8th issue, we went to the World Wide Web.

Read more about how InPayments was made on the link

Fast forward to 2019, we are now publishing our 7th online issue on our 10th anniversary. That is why we are dedicating this issue to the 10 years down!

What’s in the feature theme

14th issue’s feature theme is all about the payment cards. They are not new but they are most certainly rising in usage.

Their popularity has even touched the digital-first companies like Apple and N26 because cards are something tangible which people like and something extremely reliable when it comes to payments. In this issue, you can find everything about the rise of card payments but also some very specific topics like how do consumers use payment cards and what features do they like.

And if you’re asking yourselves whether innovations still exist when it comes to payment cards – the answer is – absolutely! You can see it in not just the features being implemented on cards like biometrics but also in the way they are marketed.

Latest company news

With our new successes rolling out, we are also covering them in somewhat detail in the company news segment. We had a few words from our teams who worked on facilitating Apple Pay for three banks, the considerable project of Visa Premium for Privredna Banka and another immense project for the SME proposition.

Visa Premium team

With the SME proposition we are expanding our services to the German market once again facilitating new and innovative services on yet another market. More on this particular product, you can read in the new InPayments issue or here. 

You can also read out about our 10th anniversary as well as the conferences we organized and sponsored.

Hottest headlines from the industry

The payment industry had a very tumultuous year with the giant fintechs slowly but surely marching into the payment ecosystem. One such is the Apple who made their now well-known Apple Card and also Facebook who promised a brand new kind of world with their new Libra cryptocurrency.

Another topics of inportance in payments and technology covered in this issue are the banks migrating to the Cloud and the benefits brought by the implementation of 5G.

Read all of this and more in the new issue here.

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