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A throwback to our first decade

This year marked the first decade of our company and it reminded us of all we’ve achieved, and all the bonds made over the years. 2019 also marks the next step of an incredible journey – a journey of persistence, dedication and passion for our work.

Empowering payments together

We are incredibly proud of the relationship we have built with our clients and what we achieved together thus changing the payment ecosystem for the better. We have been and always will be committed to working with our clients to support them and keep them ahead using our expertise and innovative spirit.

Going down the memory lane, we picked up upon several of the momentous successes from the past decade:

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But it doesn’t end there. In 2019, we became part of Nets Group, facilitated the introduction of Google Pay for VÚB Bank in Slovakia, supported the SME product launch for Concardis, facilitated the Apple Pay service for several banks in the region, became the 34th company in the world to get the certificate for our Access Control Server 2.0., supported PBZ Card Premium Visa solution.

Now looking into the future, we are more than excited and ready for what may and will come, and all the projects we will work on with our clients to keep them the market leaders and further shape the payment ecosystem.

Nevertheless, we are very grateful for the recognition and trust our clients have put in us for such a long time as we step together into the new year.

To the power of 10

Empowering payments is not all we do because we also empower our people. The truth is that the bonds between people and teams is what built us throughout the years and something that will always be key in our progress.

A company can never be as big and as successful without good teams. Our teams have experienced so many things together – deadlines and chereful times, parties, marathons, great team buildings – and none of this doesn’t stop at the end of the workday. And there is nothing that can replace the immense effect that the deep relationships have on business too.

Trust is our trademark. Relationships are our bottom line. Moments are our currency.

To put our people where they deserve to be in the front and center, we launched a microsite called To the Power of 10 where you can meet almost everyone at Mercury Processing Services International, read about their values, and see them striking poses – whether they be serious or funny.

Working hard deserves some having fun, so doing the photoshoot was surely the latter. What emerged out of the photos was the incredibly authentic spirit of each and one of personalities of Mercury Processing Services International.

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All of these moments are just a small part of all we’ve seen in the past decade. Now, it is time to look towards the future and say- all the best in 2020, and let’s keep empowering payments together!

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