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Among Top 10 multi-factor authentication companies in Europe 2019

One of our key pillars that we never take lightly is of course security. Since we pay special attention to maintaining it at all levels of our payment ecosystem, we have to keep operational excellence in this area constantly.

This time, our multi-factor authentication solutions have been particularly recognized by Enterprise Security magazine and they have placed us among Top 10 multi-factor authentication solution providers in Europe, 2019 with the likes of Gemalto, Idfy, Secfense.

Giovanni Cetrangolo, our Head of Strategic Projects and Innovations, did an interview with the magazine revealing what we do and how we do it. He emphasized that our biggest strength lies in the fact that we have a great end-to-end knowledge of the electronic payment ecosystem, which includes customers, cardholders, banks and payments schemes, and that is how we provide our clients with the high-quality security and authentication services.

He also pointed out another key strength of ours which is that “our company develops flexible solutions that can be easily integrated into our clients’ environment and can be deployed quickly”.

Read more about this considerable accomplishment in the Enterprise Security Magazine and on the link –

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