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Autumn brings the freshness in the 10th InPayments Magazine

The third digital issue of our magazine is available for reading! As always, we provide compelling content and entertaining design for everyone to read.

Mercury Processing Services International recognizes the impact of new digitalization trends and that’s why we chose it as this issue’s feature theme. Within the theme, you can read about omnichannel payments and the currently very popular trend going under that simple but promising word: “frictionless”. Other significant topics include tokenization as well as the overview of mobile wallets and the various benefits they offer.

All of the details about our work are in the Company News part. Here, you can find out about our team’s successful collaboration in launching Google Pay in Croatia and being the first “VTS Processor Aggregator to go commercially live in Europe”, something we’re both very excited and very proud of. Organizing and participating in various events is another regular part of our work.

In the new issue you can catch up on this year’s Cards and Payments event in Vienna that we organized and read about the announcement of the Fraud Forum that will be held in September in Zagreb, both with the aim to demonstrate our expertise and share knowledge to our clients.

The industry is still buzzing with the GDPR. Industry News brings an insight into the regulation which has managed to cause more than its share of worries might not bring such a bleak future or affect the Open Banking initiative in adverse ways. Security is an integral part of the magazine, therefore, this issue covers the current state of data encryption and its security.

Immerse yourself into this digital experience in the 10th issue of InPayments Magazine.

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