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Our best result yet in three years of B2B running

Encouraging a healthy and sportive lifestyle as well as team bonding, 17 employees from Mercury Processing Services International participated in yet another B2B RUN.

B2B RUN, where corporate world is running smoothly, took place in Zagreb on September 13th, starting at 18:00. The 5-kilometer long route was located around the facilities of Zagreb Fair.

Our runners participate every year in the biggest corporate running event in Croatia. However, this is not the only running event where our colleagues were engaged as there were plenty more in previous months and years.

This time, we achieved the best company ranking ever51st place among the total of 373 companies. We were in the 63rd place last time, which means we are getting faster each year! All the members of our team ran the whole race, which we are very proud of.

After the run, the event organizers prepared a small finish party where all of the participants met and had some extra fun.

Motivated by the great results, we are looking forward to the next marathons in Zagreb and Ljubljana.

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