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Employees on their Day Out – Being a team is how we do it

Krvavec Mountain was the place of our Day Out event. Almost all of the employees from our offices in Zagreb, Koper and Ljubljana were there to have fun and get to know each other a bit more.

While going through big transformations in the company due to our expanding, it is important to know what really matters – having a good team! That is why we organized a day out with activities such as treasure hunt, sumo fight, human football, dart football, paintball and tug of war.

In the treasure hunt, randomly selected teams of people had two hours to truly work together and finish. One of the tasks was to find exactly 1kg rock – in a mountain full of rocks.

Judging by the smiles on people’s faces, everyone had a great day.

It is very important to us that each of our employees feels as a part of Mercury Processing Services International. Building great teams is not easy but we make it work!

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