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Our unique cardless-cash withdrawal solution

The ongoing digitalization took in many aspects of everyday life including payments. People are becoming more comfortable using mobile wallets and mobile banking because it removes friction from doing everyday tasks like paying the bills and transferring money.

Even though people are stepping away from cash, it is still used. In Croatia, for example, 60% of merchants require their customers to have cash readily available. With numerous ATMs (Automated teller machines), it is far from unavailable but usually requires payment debit or credit cards and a few extra steps.

With our unique cardless cash withdrawal feature, getting cash becomes much more convenient:

Apart from its usage possibilities being very wide, the feature brings the highly essential convenience for customers. It gives the possibility to withdraw money from ATMs using just a smartphone instead of a card. Moreover, the service additionally enables nationwide money send functionality as a complementing feature that boosts user experience and enhances usage convenience.

The feature is part of Mercury Processing Services International cloud services and it can be integrated in mobile banking application or wallets and can be customized to meet customer issuer needs.

Another key benefit of this feature is that the upgrade to contactless could be delayed as bank customers will be mobile enabled also on old ATM hardware.

Security being the primary factor, our solution can be fully customized to meet the Issuing bank requirements, from number of code digits, to code validity time and anti-guessing timers to prevent malicious attacks on the ATM network.

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