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Celebrating 10th anniversary of our accomplishments and our people

10th October was a special day: our company’s 10th anniversary.

10 years ago, our company heads set their minds to create a regional leader in the payments world. They knew it wasn’t easy but today, we can earnestly say we played a big role in payment innovation in the region since then.

On our anniversary, we are thinking more about our future than the past, but we are far from leaving it behind. Our past has lead us to this moment – to becoming what we are now and all of our achievements are built on the values and strengths we have founded in the past – reliability, security, innovation, and teams of curious experts. Our past has made us strong so we can tackle the future and go even further.

On Thursday, almost everyone from Mercury Processing Services International has gathered for the celebration, save those who needed to stay at their desks and guard the systems, and to raise their glasses up to 10 years down. The list of achievements that needed to be celebrated are quite a few. We always highlight them because our people should not lose count of them or forget the roles they played in accomplishing them. So we took a stroll down memory lane and reminded ourselves of how we got here.

And what kind of future awaits us humans in this wide ever-expanding universe – the infinite question of our species that were addressed by a great guest we had – someone who knows what the universe is like and how things work in nature – Ivica Puljak, the legendary Croatian scientist and professor of physics to give us his words of wisdom, spark up the curiosity and maybe put some things into perspective, literally and figuratively.

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Nevertheless, what we do know is that all of our history and successes couldn’t be possible without the major component – our people – and that is what we came to honour. Some of them were specially acknowledged and awarded during the event after our employees nominated and voted the whole summer for that special 10. Before the emotion-filled awards ceremony, we took a special moment to appreciate everyone one more time in the exhibition where individual and group photos of employees, taken especially for this moment, were displayed on big screens for everyone to see.

Photos of our people and so much more are on a specially dedicated site honoring our 10th anniversary –

The ceremony was focused on the 10 special categories named by the initials of our company’s name MERCURY PSI, which coincide with the values our people genuinely epitomize. Our managers were the ones to read the list of nominees and winners and each group had their own funny sketch planned. The winners weren’t aware they will be receiving these awards so the surprise element made it much more exciting.

First category was MODEST – the award for someone who works hard and doesn’t complain, doesn’t want to be in the spotlight but deserves to be! Luckily, we have two such persons and both of them received the awards – given that one wasn’t able to come due to business needs. Our great colleague Gordana was quite shocked but happy to receive the award.

ENERGETIC was the second category which describes many of our people but this particular category was given to the person who gives you a boost when your batteries are low – our colleague Krešimir! He energetically jumped on and off the stage and happily took his award.

Playful and fun people deserve a category too – READY TO ROCK is dedicated for those who support amusing initiatives! We were all glad this award went to Ana, our colleague you go to for fun and dance. Burns with desire to learn and grow, not afraid to question the status quo – this person was Ante and he won the CURIOUS award!

USEFUL was the fifth category dedicated for the person we all go-to when help is needed and that put things into right tracks – Igor was the right person to win this award and everyone was very happy for him. Our company is full of RESOURCEFUL people, so it was logical to have this category and two won the awards – Igor and Boris – and you can always count on their clever solutions!

YABBA DABBA DOO was the hillarious seventh category – this person’s strongest weapon is their humour, they are great to be around because they fill you with joy and put you at ease. One and only Marija received this award honoring everyone with a funny speech and a happy face! Keeping spirits high even when things hit the fan is not an easy task, but for a master of happy thoughts nothing is impossible. We dedicated the eighth category to the most POSITIVE person and the winner was Marta!

Tomislav won the SPECIALIST award since hisr authority in the field is the result of hard work and persistence, he is thorough and detailed, shares expertise often and with enthusiasm and patience.

The tenth award was INVENTIVE – and it is a word that could describe all of us, but one person won this award and that is Aljoša as he is a true walking think-tank bursting with new ideas.

All Mercuriest 10 winners

And this is who we are – adventurous, energetic, rescourceful and specialist – with a lot more years to come. Happy 10th anniversary to us!


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