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At the end of the year, we look back on all successes we’ve achieved not just regarding the business itself but also in giving back with the aim of building a sustainable future.

Recycling and reducing plastic

As every year, this year too we’ve had activities of gathering recyclable waste like paper, ink cartridges, bottle caps and batteries.

At Radnička site, we collect plastic bottle caps that we deliver to Association of Patients with Leukemia and Lymphoma in Čakovec. In 2019 we collected 30.6 kilograms.

Each year, we have small internal campaigns on raising the awareness of recycling as the majority of the paper used in the company is recycled. Even though we know there is more to be done, we are progressing step by step and each year we collect more recyclable waste. In comparison to last year, in 2019 we collected 3580 kilograms of paper, 600 kilograms of ink cartridges, and 20 kilograms of batteries.

Waste recycled in 2019

This year was also a great year regarding reducing single-use plastic as we replaced all of the plastic cups with paper ones and we plan to continue the battle against plastic in the years to come.

Decreasing energy consumption

When it comes to energy consumption, we are still continuing our tradition of bike sharing, apart from encouraging our employees to use bikes instead of cars. In 2019, we’ve had more employees coming with not just bicycles but also e-scooters, e-bikes and even electric unycicles.

Carpooling is also highly appreciated in our company to that extent that the employees who carpool are given a spot in the garage of our company’s building. Since Mercury PSI team has become somewhat larger, we’ve had new employees also following on this initiative.

To top this up, our company is increasing the amount of energy used from renewable sources, as this number rises each year.

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