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Continuous Delivery and Agile Summit 2017 held in London

Branimir LikerBranimir Liker, Head of back office department, participated at CA Continuous Delivery and Agile Summit 2017, held in London.

The summit was an unique opportunity to meet and network with peers and fellow CA users, hear the latest on CA’s Strategy & Product Direction and participate in interactive deep dive breakouts.

Branimir had a chance to attend the CA workshop, covering topics related to DevOps concepts.

“Among many other topics, it was interesting to hear that banks and credit card institutions today rely very much on testing teams when it comes to improving quality of their software,” explained Branimir. “However, requirements coming out from very demanding business/market conditions force development teams to develop new solutions very quickly. Under such conditions traditional testing lasts too long increasing the time to market. The solution is in shift-left principle where some testing activities are pushed left, automated as much as possible and performed by developers. In any case, DevOps is surely a new buzzword we will be hearing very often,” he concluded.

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