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Customer Satisfaction University Award 2011: Winners

The first Customer Satisfaction University Award, a project of successful cooperation between our company and five local faculties finished on November 18, 2011, two and a half months after it started. The main goal of this first-of-a-kind project, organized by the Marketing Communication Department, was to make ties between our company and universities so that the top students could demonstrate their skills not just at the university but also in a real working experience.

Many students were interested in taking part in the contest but only 12 of them were selected. They were organized in 2 groups of 3 teams: first one focused on Innovation and the second on Implementation category. The default theme for all participants was Paying without money, a quite broad theme which allowed them to think completely “out of the box”. Every group had its own tutor(s), our Head of Issuing Sales Support Goranka Jarić for the Implementation and Dino Lišnjić and Hrvoje Rončević for the Innovation group. They were not chosen randomly, of course. Goranka has spent her entire career in card business, Dino took part in similar projects before, while Hrvoje is an experienced student mentor and faculty lecturer. They really made a huge effort in helping students show their best knowledge and skills.

After four working weeks students presented their projects in front of the Judging Commission on November 10. Teams were greeted by our CEO Zdenek Houser, head of Customer Satisfaction Office Laurence Aliquot and our head of Marketing Communications Renata Devčić. It was really a hard task for the Judging commission to decide which two projects, out of the six presented, were the best.

CEO Zdenek Houser and Head of Customer Satisfaction Office Laurence Aliquot with mentors and students

Gen Y Card Strategy (Ariana Kirin, Davor Crnković), Flexi Dual Card (Domagoj Vlahović, Martina Stanec) and All in One Student Card (Lana Mažuranić, Martina Kuntić) were the teams and their projects from the Implementation group, and for the Innovation group – Paying with a Finger Print (Ana Jandras, Ana Frleta), Project Multix (Ana Štefulj, Darija Štefić) and ATMs for Blind and Visually Impaired Customers (Ivana Kovač, Maja Lalić).

The Awarding Ceremony which took place on November 18 revealed the winners. It was attended by representatives of ISBD from Milan, top managers from our company and representatives of all universities involved in the contest. Our best of the best were Ana Jandras and Ana Frleta – Paying with a Finger Print in the Innovation category and Ariana Kirin and Davor Crnković with their theme Flexi Dual Card for the Implementation category.

Ana Jandras and Ana Frleta (left), Ariana Kirin and Davor Crnković (right)

Our winners were representing us in Milan on December 2 on the final challenge along with awarded teams from all other ISBD banks. They showed their great quality in a very strong competition which gave us winning teams from VUB and Banka Koper. We congratulate them both as well as our teams. Project leaders were Renata Devčić and Sanja Brać, our “mini” Customer Care team, but nothing could have been done without contribution of our colleagues Božidar Pavlović, Ines Prkačin, Janja Savić, Nikolina Horvat, Goran Kisić, Ivona Juričić, Marija Lakić and Milan Medić who truly did their best thus making this story a successful one. We’re looking forward to the next CSUA next year!


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