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Customer Satisfaction University Award 2014: Introducing Students, Project and Mentors

The project was announced in April and only a month afterwards, dozens of students’ applications arrived to our inbox. With the assistance of HR departments from PBZ and ISP Card, we selected the 12 most promising ones among them.

On Friday, September 5th a whole day event gathered all CSUA 2014 participants; students, their mentors, and project members providing explanation of the project concept and details. Students were divided into 6 teams, composed of 2 students and matched with mentors, experienced professionals.

This year’s Customer Satisfaction University Award candidates visited our office and spent the whole day with mentors – preparation for the competition started!

This year’s particularity is that all of the participants had same theme, and a dedicated mentor.

One theme for all competitors

Student’s task was creation of the project task in the area of customer satisfaction – Merchant Funded Rewards.

Merchant Funded Rewards involve all available expertise and technology to distinguish company from the competition in order to:

  • attract consumers to come back again and again
  • offer consumers a broad range of retailers, coupons, and offers in order to increase engagement
  • enable the customers to gain status, earn more rewards, and have a reason to develop a long term relationship.


According to proposed topics, teams were assigned with mentors, all experts inside given areas, which ensured successful cooperation and good basis for development of students’ projects. Their roles were providing focus, reviewing ideas, making suggestions, finding holes in the project, dialogue with competitors, etc.

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