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Doubling the usage of renewable energy for a sustainable future

International Earth Day is always a great opportunity for all of us to look back and track the maybe small but significant steps taken to counter the negative effects of modern life on nature. We, as a Company, take our duty responsibly towards environmental protection with many initiatives we have taken in the past and are still working on currently. However, it is not only one day that counts but constant effort each of us makes.

Apart from the ongoing recycling efforts, we are still working on our contribution to environmental protection for which we received yet another ZelEn certificate for using energy from renewable sources. This year we are particularly proud to have doubled the amount of renewable energy used and we are sure to increase that number even more in the future.

Since plastic is another issue taking a big toll on our planet and consequently our immediate surroundings, we have aligned our Environmental CSR with the EU-wide ban of single-use plastic. The first step is introducing paper cups, the ecological alternative to plastic ones. With the big number of employees in our Company, we truly believe that, although on a smaller geographical scale, this will be a significant contribution.

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