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Fraud Forum 2019

The 9th Fraud Forum took place after the first event, Cards and Payments, from 18th to 19th September in Belgrade.

More than 120 people participated in the whole event, 8 experts had presentations, and 7 people participated in the panel discussion.

All information on the presentations and speakers are available on the event’s site.

The team behind our excellent in-house fraud-prevention solution and the Machine Learning project was a big part of this year’s Fraud Forum and they talked about the most recent developments in our company but also gave their expert overview of the new trends in fraud and fraud prevention.

Before the coffee break, another two presenters talked about some incredibly crucial topics when it comes to fraud and security. Debbie Grant, Senior Policy Lead, Policy and Law Enforcement, Ecosystem Risk at Visa, gave a profound and striking picture of how Visa is fighting fraud against serious offenders and how fraud prevention in payments can have an immense impact in decreasing organized crime. Branimir Pačar, Cofounder of DotBit, on the other hand, reminded everyone of the importance of regulation in fraud prevention.

Debbie Grant, Senior Policy Lead, Policy and Law Enforcement, Ecosystem Risk at Visa / Branimir Pačar, Co-Founder of DotBit

Some of the hottest topics of Fraud Forum were Artifical Intelligence and Cryptocurrencies, and was it comes to this no one is left indifferent. Neither did the presenters David Wilde from RatePay and Nikola Škorić, CEO of Electrocoin whose presentations were in the least intriguing. While David focused on the development of Machine Learning model and the challenges they overcame, Nikola invited us to the world of cryptocurrencies and the surprising profiles of fraudsters they handle successfully.

David Wilde, Head of Data Science at RatePAY / Nikola Škorić, CEO of Electrocoin

Continuing in the same tone, Ulrich Mustar from the Lufthansa Group tried to demonstrate the presenters the tremendous job of preventing fraud in the airlines world, which is no easy job looking at the substantial number of people buying tickets and using their airlines each day. Digital skimming and how Nets prevents fraud was presented by Sune Gabelgård Head of Digital Fraud, Intelligence & Research, as well as the new technologies and methods they are developing in fighting fraud.

All of the interesting presentations created a very fertile ground for the panel discussion on Risk Based Authentication that happened after. Even though 7 people were in the panel, the audience joined in eagerly with their questions and comments to what the panelists had to say and thus brought the whole event to a conclusion.

Sune Gabelgård Head of Digital Fraud, Intelligence & Research at Nets / Panel Discussion

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