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InPayments Magazine Goes Digital

InPayments Magazine is a quarterly publication by Mercury Processing Services International, started three years ago and published so far as a printed magazine exclusively for our clients. With a transition of the magazine into a modern, digital publication, we also made it available to a wider public interested in the latest news and trends from our industry.

In each issue of InPayments magazine we publish one big feature story where we give more insight into important events and developments in our company as well as the industry. The feature story is written by our colleagues and partners or in collaboration with them, and the intention of the entire magazine is to write about the things we work with and think about every day. Each issue also has a series of industry and company news that give more insight into the current projects we are working on with our clients, and round up the most important news and trends from all the areas of our industry and from all over the globe.

Creating a digital magazine requires more than creating just good content. It’s about creating a reading experience. That’s why InPayments is responsive to readers’ devices of choice, with interactive and engaging content within enjoyable and stimulating reading environment.

Take a look and read of the 8th issue of InPayments Magazine and feel free to drop us a note with your impressions and feedback.

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