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InPayments Magazine welcomed spring with a new edition

The ninth edition of InPayments Magazine is online! This quarterly publication by Mercury Processing Services International is also our second digital edition of the magazine, where we’ve prepared more interactive and engaging content you will enjoy.

As in our previous editions, we have a feature theme where we give deeper insights into important events we care about. Feature theme of this issue are Payment trends of 2018, where you will learn in what environment the industry currently swims, and for what challenges clients and companies need to be prepared.

One of our favorite topics within this issue’s feature theme is covering the ‘Generation Z‘. These new consumers, born after 1995, grew up in the era of the internet, where quick and easy access to information is the norm. We talk about the characteristics of this generation, and why there’s a matter of trust and the need of real-time research.

You will also find out which are the key components of building loyalty programs, what is new in regulations and why today’s customers need to be sure that their personal data is protected and secure to be truly satisfied.

In addition, we have provided you with important insights into industry news, as well as our company news, so you can see on what we are currently working and what we have recently introduced, such as the new GBToken app in Slovenia that makes a unique personal number for a safe online purchase.

Take a look at the 9th issue of InPayments Magazine and feel free to share your impressions with us!

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