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Our Case Study on Payments Processing Innovations at BankInno Forum 2016

At the beginning of March of this year, the city of Barcelona was buzzing about innovations in the financial industry. One of the participants at the BankInno Forum 2016 was Giovanni Cetrangolo, our IT and Innovation Director, who presented a case study on payments processing innovations.

The revolution in the communication technology and the digitalization of processes in everyday life has brought a change in the financial industry as well. The digital age is here to stay, but the transition to it hasn’t been easy. The digital revolution in general progresses at such a rapid pace that the banks face the threat of being left behind. It’s not only the technology that needs to keep up, it’s also the banking philosophy that needs to change because the digitalization has most prominently brought a shift from service orientation to customer orientation.

Tackling the challenges and best practices associated with the present and the future of banking, the BankInno Forum 2016 in Barcelona brought together top executives from leading European banks to present stories of innovation, change and development.

The conference covered areas such as digital revolution in banking, innovation of banking philosophy, and regulation changes. There was also talk about personalized services for online customers, effective cooperation with startups, payments innovation, future of payment processes and cybersecurity. Overall, BankInno Forum 2016 provided a complete and comprehensive overview of the state of digital innovation in banking.

Our IT and Innovation Director, Giovanni Cetrangolo participated in Barcelona in a payments debate on trends and challenges in the payments industry, modern payments possibilities and new technologies and their implementation. He also presented a case study on payments processing innovations and shared interesting insights on what we can expect in the future.

More case studies were presented by Piotr Piskorski (Nordea, Poland and Baltic countries), Maurizio Poletto (Erste Group, Austria), Mattia Gamberoni (Amazon Web Services, Spain), Pavan Nagori (Barclays, UK), and Richard Davis (Lloyds Banking Group, UK).

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