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Our Head of Innovation and Prototyping Aljoša Lovrič-Petrič with his team and other colleagues from our company in Koper, Slovenia started a great initiative called IT Istra that is aimed at gathering IT students of various areas, and potentially other people interested in IT, from Koper for the time being, and familiarizing them with payment technology but also our work so they could potentially in the future start their careers in our company.

IT Istra will be organized as occasional meetups on topics like mobile payments, encryption, security, fraud, blockchain with planned workshops for students and even potentially competitions.

First meetup has already been held with the help of Pina, a Koper-based organisation for social development, in their offices. The first meetup, with more to come, was held by Aljoša Lovrič-Petrič on history of payments – from plastic to mobile, and also some of our business milestones.

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Being a professional in the card business since 1996, payment industry may be an easy thing to understand for Aljoša, but it may not be so easy to the general public. During the presentation Aljoša explained very comprehensively everything from what are payments and transactions, what is Primary Account Number (PAN), what is a card scheme to the cards, how paper and magnetic stripe cards transformed into chip cards, morphed into contactless and evolved into mobile phones. He also introduced the latest trendy and complex theme of payment tokenization.

On this topic Aljoša said the following: “Being in this area for a lot of time I sometimes forget how the payments evolved. Current payment habits radically changed in the last 20 years. And who knows what will be the landscape of tomorrow. The idea was to walk through this transformational journey and focus of the why’s and how’s this happened and with Q&A try to motivate critical thinking in students how they would like to foresee the payment of their future.”

Even though we are the initiators of this project, we would be glad to see others join us so we could start a regional movement for the students and maybe others coming from Slovenian, Italian and Croatian Istrian area who are interested in similar topics.

On continuing the work on IT Istra and the future events, Magda Stojković, said:

In regards to the next topics for these events, the sky is the limit. Of course, we come from the payment industry so fraud, GDPR and security, blockchain are the obvious topics. Nonetheless, we have a lot of experience in other tech topics as well, like development practices, service delivery and service management, operational processes, data governance, robotics and many more. We are an international company and understand the importance of collaboration and communication, so this can become a great platform to share experiences and learn from one another on a regional level, as well.

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