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IT Students Familiarized With Payments Industry

FERsec ChallengeLast week, we participated at FERsec Challenge, a specialized IT security event intended for IT students.

The event was organized in Zagreb by Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, and Electrical Engineering Student’s European Association. This was the first edition of such an event, organized in the form of a week-long workshop composed of lectures and practical exercises related to the ever-burning topic of information security.

Marta Tinodi, System specialist, Igor Maljković, Extended back office solutions manager, and Hrvoje Rončević, Knowledge Asset manager, familiarized the students with the highly secured environment of a payment processor, giving them a short overview of our core business, infrastructure and development. During the next couple of days, the students had the opportunity to work on specific, real life examples, brushing their skills so that they can improve the IT security of tomorrow.

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