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Mobile Token – a simple way to authenticate

What is mToken?

mToken is a digital or crypto id key used for fast and secure authentication. The key provides an additional layer of security for authenticating e-commerce transactions, accessing internet/mobile banking and other secure systems that require strong customer authentication.

What additional features does our mToken have?

Our Mobile Token can be used as a standalone app or as SDK (Software Development Kit) for integration with 3rd party apps. It can also be used on both Android and iOS platforms anytime, anywhere with no extra devices – just a smartphone.

Apart from the one-time-password (OTP), the solution features Challenge-Response protocol including QR code scanning, Signing, which is a variant of the Challenge-Response mode where transaction data is used to derive response, and Push/Pull signature with passcode or biometrics (on supported handsets).

Benefits of Mercury Processing Services International mobile token

Ensuring the highest level of security of access and use of sensitive data is in the interest of all participants in an authentication process. Our authentication solution also complies with the European Banking Authority (EBA) Guidelines on the security of internet payments, the PSD 2 EU directive, regulatory technical standards for strong customer authentication, and the ECB Recommendations for the security of internet payments.

With our mToken solutions, users can be carefree knowing that it keeps them and their sensitive data protected online.

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