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New InPayments issue arrives just before the holidays

December is that time of year when we feel especially festive and look back on everything that happened in the previous twelve months but also, more importantly, make plans for the upcoming year.

Here at Mercury Processing Services International, we enjoy sharing with you all our thoughts and knowledge regarding the various topics surrounding the payment industry. The InPayments Magazine is just one means of reaching an interested audience and we are proud to have our employees also feature as guest speakers at various conferences. You can read all about these events in our Company News section. However, our involvement with events doesn’t stop there: we also organize them, providing our esteemed clients with many interesting guest speakers who cover topics they’ve expressed interest in.

This issue covers a topic of great interest to us in the Feature Theme: fraud. Our own fraud team is an exceptional asset to our company and in this issue, we’d like to share some of their current work with our readers. Thus, we’ve laid out an overview of the most recent developments in combating fraud and talked about how machine learning, behavioral analysis, and chatbots are already becoming valuable cybersecurity tools.

We’ve then considered the possible role of Facebook, LinkedIn and social networks in general in fraud prevention, as well as the effects GDPR might have on cybercrime. And we dived into the current state of fraud prevention in a fraud-heavy area: airline travel.

Did you know user experience is becoming increasingly important to the payment industry? The question of the day is: Can UX affect fraud prevention? Small and medium businesses are the future, so we have taken a look now at their needs and wants when it comes to fraud prevention and we talk about how their banks can help them. Also, we’ve discussed the effect of PSD2 on fraud detection as well as the changes 3DS 2.0 is expected to bring, while taking into account some of the latest developments and projections.

Our Industry News section, as always, provides a rundown of the most important and interesting developments and events in the financial world.

A merry and beautiful December to you all, dear readers, as well as a lovely New Year’s celebration, and may the coming year bring us many more wonderful moments.

Read the new issue here

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