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Newly earned green energy certificate

Since the very beginning, our Company strives to provide long-term values and benefits to all our stakeholders. We continue to meet our responsibility to the environment and society with our direct and indirect operational impacts.

Fully dedicated to adjust our business in the environmental friendly way, in 2016 we received ZelEn green label, proving all our energy is coming from the renewable sources as well as showing a socially responsible attitude, caring about environmental preservation and additionally encouraging production of energy from renewable sources.

We are proud to share newly earned green certificate proving that during 2017 we have been delivered with 922 MWh of electric energy collected from 100% renewable resources.

Besides using the green energy, we have switched from using halogen to only LED light, striving to reduce energy consumption.

Small steps are behind us encouraging us to further development in line of our Corporate Social Responsibility principles.


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