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Our company welcomes spring with running activities

Spring is arriving soon, so many people will start to partake in outdoor activities.

There are numerous ways to maintain your health while training outdoor and running is the most natural physical activity to keep a healthy and active lifestyle. We are opening the season of running events with competing on Zagreb21 half marathon and relay race which will be held on March 18th in Zagreb. This year’s first race in which our employees will compete, is a great way to start planning participation in many upcoming runs in Croatia and Slovenia.

At our company, we encourage our employees to lead a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. We are glad to have amazing runners who will participate in the event and represent the organization. We wish them luck, a little bit of competitive spirit and a lot of fun.

This is not the first time our runners are participating in such events. Through the year, our employees have competed in numerous runs.

Our employee Franjo Kušević is a regular runner who likes to participate in the competitions. He organizes and recruits people from the company. At first, it was casual conversation and invitation to the runs, but now he plans to improve and organize even better running sessions.  His intentions are to organize training once a week and to increase the number of runs where our employees will participate. This year we have around 10 competitors, one mixed team for the relay race with participants from Croatia and Slovenia. Furthermore, he believes that these competitions are a great way to become closer with each other, to enjoy and have fun with your coworkers.

“The excitement is real, we are already discussing the stats about who is the faster runner.  I believe that the number of applicants will increase over time and I believe that all of the interested parties will join us without hesitation, since the company supports our efforts. There is an interest for future competitions such as for the upcoming B2B run in April where 12 people already applied for the run. I hope everyone will enjoy the upcoming events.”- says Franjo.

For more information about the upcoming event, visit the official website

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