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Our mPOS solution – powering mobility in payments

Going mobile is the trend of the present and the future. The trend has significantly taken off driven by the adoption rates of contactless payment methods. It is also driven by customer expectations since paying is now seen as a frictionless extension of social conversation where customers do not need to take that extra step.

With the predictions showing that 18.8% is the global mPOS market’s projected CAGR from 2017 to 2026 and that 25% is the share of POS transactions that will be enabled by mPOS systems by 2023, it is easy to acknowledge and accept the opportunity mobility offers.

In order to continue to stay relevant in the marketplace, 62% of retailers plan to increase their use of mobile devices such as mPOS by the end of 2019, according to BRP survey.

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Mercury Processing Services International’s mPOS is a 100% mobile payment card acquiring solution, which focuses on a smart device application. The solution is based around Ingenico device with all software applications produced by our company. We also run an electronic receipt repository which the customer receives by e-mail or SMS.

Merchants benefit from a compact size hardware which enables Bluetooth and simple internet connection. This means they can run it on the go, transport it easily and use in various environments. The customers also benefit from not having crumbled paper receipts in their pockets. Instead, they have them elegantly stored in smartphones.

Check out this and more on our mPOS page and get in touch with us to help you make your business mobile: 


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