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Reinforcing the Commitment to Environmental Protection

From the very start, our company has committed to the Corporate Social Responsibility with the aim to reduce any damaging effects on the environment from business’ processes. Along with helping protect the environment, we also strive to act ethically and with sensitivity towards social, cultural, and economic issues and always make efforts to contribute to the communities in which we conduct our business.

The environmental responsibility therefore has always been one of our main values.

Knowing that the climate drastically changed and global-warming is on a long-term rise, we are constantly improving our practices to reduce pollution at least on a local level.

The practice successfully continues to this day. In the previous 2018, the increased awareness on environmental protection was evident. This was reflected in the fact that our employees have made a constant effort to, amongst other things, separate different types of waste. However, this was no extra mile for the people because everyone in the company strives for this to become a standard in daily workplace habits.

The efforts resulted in ending up with 3820 kilos of recycled waste. More particularly we had 3310 kg of paper, 275 kg of ink cartridges and 35 kg of batteries. Recycling not only diverts the amount of solid waste from our landfills, it also helps save energy and water since manufacturing new products from recycled paper uses less of each. To that end, and to meet the CSR commitment, our company uses recycled paper. The employees themselves have lauded the company’s decision for using recycled products because by using them and by picking a printer committed to the environment, there is a continuous approach to having a green workplace.

Additional major goal of the company’s CSR is also to have a steady income of energy from renewable sources and thus decrease the environmental footprint of using electricity. In line with that, we have received the ZelEn certificate and put LED lights in all of our renewed offices in Zagreb.

Regarding the EU ban on single-use plastic and its lately devastating effect on the environment, the company is also looking to decrease the use of plastic in the recent future.

Each day, we all do something to impact the world around us and each small thing one does makes a difference. Therefore, we choose to take care of nature because it takes care of us.

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