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Running time – not missing a year

Being a team in Mercury Processing Services International also means being a team outside of it too. Our employees prove this as they march together onto the running track each year.

The season started in March with another edition of Zagreb21 race. A total of 11 of our runners made appearance out of which eight ran in two relay teams while some hit the entire 21km track. Just like the weather, the results weren’t bad either. One team ended up at the 25th place, and the other one at the 60th, out of total of 71 teams.

And this was just the beginning. Our runners had two months to prepare for two big events – Wings for life and B2B Baška Trail.

Wings for life is a charity run whose donations support cutting-edge international research for curing spinal cord injuries. The driving forces behind the global running phenomenon are the two-time motocross world champion Heinz Kinigadner and the founder of Red Bull, Dietrich Mateschitz after in 2003, Kinigadner’s son Hannes had a tragic accident which left him tetraplegic.

For the sixth year, Wings for life returned to the city of Zadar. On Sunday, May 5th, exactly at 13:00 local time, 9000 runners set off in a massive charity race, including 9 of our employees. While testing their physical endurance, they contributed to the research foundation and the final mission.

An incredibly inspiring and motivating atmosphere is the most valuable element of this huge charity action. Its uniquely fun format with a chasing car gave wings to our runners too: Mercury team ended up at the very solid 569th place (out of almost 2300 teams participating). In total, our team conquered 141 kilometres.

Soon after, B2B Baška trail brought us a great victory. Franjo Kušević – defended the last year’s title and again won the 1st place in the 6km race. The victory was the best present he gave himself for his birthday, falling precisely on the day of the race. The public winner announcement echoed with 500 people singing in unison a happy b’day song to our champ; and that was the first spine-chilling moment. The second one was when our entire crew was proclaimed third-ranked among more than 100 teams and invited to the podium to take over the trophy.

This excellent ranking is due to the fact that the entire team ran marvelously, while special merits going to Vedran Klanac who crossed the finished line as 14th on the 15km race, whereas Janja ended up at the fantastic 6th place in the woman category on the same race.

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This admirable sport success is just the side-effect of an overall company harmony.

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