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Small Actions for a Big Cause

December is a month of sharing and caring. Our already traditional charity collection for families and children in need has continued.

Some of our colleagues volunteered as charity coordinators within our company and got in touch with many organizations in Croatia and Slovenia that are helping the needed ones.

In Croatia, we decided to bright up the end of the year to “Lug Samoborski” home for kids with mental and behavioural disabilities. Their biggest wish was to get a new TV. Beside them, we have also chosen 3 families to whom financial donations are most welcome but they will also be happy to receive necessities like hygiene products, toys and sweets for kids.

At the same time, the generosity was also in act in Slovenia where we were collecting donations in Koper. Through our long-standing partner and humanitarian association Žensko društvo za kakovostno življenje – Zrcalo we collected donations for the children from several families in need.

With profound commitment to enlighten their Christmas, colleagues in Slovenia and Croatia put their forces together and made sure everybody gets what they need the most.

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