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Students explore pathways at the Career Week

Last week from 15 to 19 October at the Faculty of Organization and Informatics in Varaždin, students explored their dream careers and got to have a look at their futures. This was our second year participating in the event as we established our partnership with the Faculty.

In the first four days, Mercury Processing Services International along with other companies held presentations. Fifty five companies came to the faculty’s campus during these five days to share their work and life experiences as part of the annual Career Week event. Most of them were from the IT industry.

On Tuesday, Marko Cvrtila, from our Information Security department, held a presentation, in front of a room full of students, on roles and responsibilities of Information Security professional in a dynamic card and mobile payment environment. He gave a general overview of processes, technologies and activities from the information security perspective. Students were noticeably familiar with the topic. Their questions, interestingly, were very specific and directed at certification levels and certain technologies as well as Marko’s experience.

Last day was scheduled for an intensive but leisurely employer pitching and career stroll. In the second event, all companies took their prearranged positions in the faculty halls and talked individually to interested students.

Students heading off to university can often feel overwhelmed with the pressure of choosing a major and going down a specific path. That is why this was a personal and direct way for students to seek guidance as they continue their studies and, more importantly, seek a career path.

On Friday, Mercury Processing Services International team was excited and ready to meet students. So, our goal was to get them acquainted with our company’s work and to discover what their plans and wishes are.

We also had a testing terminal and our own app to show them the payment process as a real-life case scenario. Since most of them use mobile wallets and all the new payment technologies, they were eager to get into the process in more detail and ask us questions about our products.

In our communication with students, there were those who wanted us to share our personal experience with them and those who wanted to know specific technologies we work with. However, most of them were quite impressed with our products and achievements. We realized this was very important to students in a world full of opportunities, because it helps them choose where to start their careers. Ultimately, it was satisfying on a personal and professional level that many students seemed intrigued about potentially joining our big team of people.

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