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Technobank 2019 – presenting our Access Control Server and Authentication Services

Technobank is one of the top meeting places for banks and providers from the region to exchange information on latest trends and developments in banking. Conference topics always focus on the future shape of the banking and payments industry, their evolution and impact on the local markets. Held in Belgrade on 10th and 11th April, the main topic of this year was built around digital payments.

The conference usually hosts more than 500 representatives of banking industry and more than 40 leading IT companies.

We have regularly visited the Technobank conference as it provides our employees with plenty of information about the industry developments in the region, but this year we were presenting Mercury Processing Services International’s Access Control Server and Authentication Services. Željka Perok, Senior Product Expert, and Milan Ćulibrk, Mobile Applications Solution Manager, are the ones who talked on the presentation held 10th April.

They proudly mentioned the latest certification of our Access Control Server 2.1.0 by EMVCo and how it along with the new 3D Secure protocol defines security in the modern era. They also gave an overview of our Authentication Solutions that focused on the ease of integration and customization of the products we offer such as mToken. You can find more about our mobile Token solution here.

While Željka presented the business side of the topic, Milan drilled into IT challenges of building up an ACS solution. Along with the presentation, during two conference days our Company had a booth set up in the central area where are experts stood with our flagship payment solutions on display, demonstrating all the user experience pros of our applications. We were happy to see that not only we raised interest of audience but also of TV reporters.

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