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The beginning of running autumn

Our runners continue to amaze us with their persistence and results. The 27th Zagreb Marathon was held on 14 October and gathered almost 4000 participants from 50 countries. In addition, there was a small but mighty Mercury Processing Services International team of 8.

Half of them ran half-marathon (21 km) and their performance was great. One member of the team must be mentioned – Matej Cafnik, from our office in Ljubljana – who took the 53rd place among 1900 participants.

On the shorter 5 km track, we had another speedster – Franjo Kušević, from our office in Zagreb – who was 36th among 870 runners.

The next running event is the Ljubljana Marathon and we continue to support all of our employees in each of their activities.

Running is a challenging sport which revolves around persistence and consistency. In the end, it is not about finishing first, but the courage to start.

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