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The running season continues with the Ljubljana Marathon

Our athletes keep the running season alive on the Ljubljana Marathon, which attracts runners from the whole world. Held on 28th October, it had three different routes – Marathon & Half-marathon, 10 km run, and the route for the youngest participants. Our runners participated yet again after the whole year of running on Zagreb21 half marathon and relay race, B2B run, and Zagreb Marathon. The Ljubljana Marathon saw the Mercury Processing Services International team of 7 and even the rain couldn’t have stopped them.

One of the colleagues, Matej Cafnik, was especially daring and took the Marathon route while the others took the Half-marathon route. Among our team, there were also three debut half-marathon runners: Ana Zvonarić, Janja Savić and Goran Kihalić. First times are not easy, but always prove to be the most cherished memories.

This marathon wasn’t just about running but also about environmental protection. This is something we have always payed attention to in our company as standing up for nature and environment has been and continues to be our path in the future.

Ljubljana, the green capital of Europe 2016, committed itself to promoting the organization of non-waste events. The Ljubljana Marathon is an example of good practice, as the Organizing Committee promised that this year’s marathon will be a Zero Waste event.

As running sharpens the mind and body, we continue to cheer for our colleagues and support them in their resolute wish to keep running.

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