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Among top 5 Croatian IT companies

It is widely noticed and known that the IT sector is in an ever-high rise in every corner of the world. The demand for IT services continues this upward climb in 2018. The IT fever has been spreading into smaller countries including Croatia in the past decade and its considerable influence can certainly be recognized.  To illustrate this in a more palpable and visible format, has analyzed the data gathered by Bisnode and in the past year and the results show concrete figures regarding the local IT Sector and our position in it.

Mercury Processing Services International is on the fourth place among the top 100 IT companies in Croatia by exports, in 2017, having in mind that there are much more IT companies doing business in Croatia. What is positive and representable regarding the export aspect is that high export rate shows that knowledge and competence of our team are of great quality and in demand on the global market. Moreover, these numbers show that customers put trust in our work and that our solutions are reliable and secure.

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